Now We are Six – Prim Perfect celebrates a birthday!

Our First Cover
Our First Cover

Six years ago today, I was exhausted.  I had been up most of the night, laying out the very first edition of Prim Perfect. Most of the work (I can modestly say) I did myself.  I wrote the articles, I took the photos, I sold the ads and I laid out the pages – all forty eight of them. I had help from a reporter who wrote an article, and from a designer who created the front page and laid out a few internal pages.  The rest was me.

So I was exhausted, but I was also looking forward to the party to celebrate the launch.  It was to include a charity auction, and that evening we raised enough money to put the roof on a school in Lesotho thanks to the generosity of designers like Sue Stonebender and Baron Grayson whose faith in Prim Perfect ensured that it got off to a flying start – quite literally, as the prize item in the auction was one of Baron’s ships, suspended gracefully over the square on Venice Island, the single region owned by Melody Regent, who had also backed the magazine from the start.

But it didn’t stay just a magazine for long. Six months later came the TV show – MetaMakeover, which later became Designing Worlds.  And then there was The Primgraph, Quest for the Golden Prim, Metaverse Arts, Happy Hunting! and The Blackened Mirror. And there have been specials and guidebooks for events (such as Home and Garden Expos and the 2012 Fantasy Faire). There have been campaigns that we played a major part in – such as Step Up! against content theft and One Billion Rising.  There have been parties, hunts, events, games, a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and lot of friends and – considering everything – surprisingly little drama.

Prim Perfect: Issue 46 - March 2013 - cover
Prim Perfect: Issue 46 – March 2013 – cover

Six years later, we’re not having a party – but that doesn’t mean we see nothing to celebrate.  There’s a secret plan shortly to emerge, and we’re all hard at work on the new issue of Prim Perfect. We’ll probably party later in the month. We’re six now. I think we can party when we want to.

So today, on our sixth birthday, I want to say, quite simply, thank you to all the people who make Prim Perfect the prim perfection that it is – the people who have produced it over the years, the writers and photographers whose wonderful work fills the pages.  The advertisers whose support enables us to go on producing the magazine. The readers whose support and enthusiasm gives us some much pleasure and the willingness to go on, to improve and to always strive to be better.

Six years ago, I had a dream that here in this virtual world there could be a magazine for homes, for gardens, supporting designers and small businesses and nonprofits.  Six years later, I am so proud to be a part of Prim Perfect and all its associates, so lucky to have found such wonderful people to share my vision, and so privileged to have been able to create a voice that can speak for what I believe.

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