Have you started following the Quest for the Golden Prim?

questlogo copyBack in the days of The Primgraph, we regularly featured the web comic The Quest for the Golden Prim. When the magazine closed, so too did the comic – it had completed its first volume, and had just started on a second.

Now, two years later, it’s back – and in an exciting new web format – complete with games that relate to each episode.

We launched it at Fantasy Faire – and now you can see the first two episodes of Volume 2 – here (Part 1 – After the Volcano)  and here (Part 2 – Still No Word of their Ship?) – and also look at the Games that go with them.

The opening of episode 2
The opening of episode 2

You can also catch up on the Archived Chapters of Volume 1 here.

And another episode will be out tomorrow.

(And why does Lady Copperhead see Ralph Montcalm’s face in the mirror?)


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