Prim Perfect Jigsaw at the Fantasy Faire: Evensong Woods

Evensong Woods
Evensong Woods

Evensong Woods was, in some ways , one of the more conventional fantasy regions at the 2013 and perhaps for that reason did tend to be a little overlooked in reports, which is a shame, because it was beautifully conceived and built by Searlait Nitschke of Roawenwood, which specialises in fantasy, furniture, landscaping, clothing, and role-play accessories.

Elves in trees seems almost expected now – a vision that predates Tolkien, but is perhaps most powerfully realised in Lothlorien. The fact that we now expect elves to have tree homes is certainly a testimony to that – other writers might have placed fairies in trees (as in Barrie’s Peter Pan) but the elves usually occupied a separate kingdom – lying at the end of the bonny, bonny way that Thomas the Rhymer took – a route followed not only by innumerable ballads but also by writers as diverse as William Morris and Terry Pratchett.

Yet it was very appropriate at an event that drew together so many different genres of fantasy that Evensong Woods should be there, with its trees and carvings, and beautifully realised and Searlait has written a very beautiful post about it here, which I would urge you all to read.

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Evensong Woods, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Remember, there is still time to enter the short story contest that Prim Perfect is sponsoring in conjunction with Fantasy Faire!


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