It’s a very good time to go for a Long Walk at the SL10B Community Celebrations!

David Abbot with The Long Walk Poster
David Abbot with The Long Walk Poster

The week of entertainment on the stages has come to an end, but the exhibits are still opened and, with a little less traffic, it’s a perfect time to explore.

It’s also a perfect time to undertake the Long Walk too!

The Long Walk is a special guided tour of the Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebrations – with extraordinary gifts to find along the way.

Over the Birthday Week, David Abbot made a complete circuit of all the sims, posting an account of that day’s Walk on the blog, describing some of the things he saw as fun, whimsical, beautiful and sometimes very moving. You can follow in his footsteps, and along the way you will discover some amazing gifts – not in every location he mentions, but in very special places where X will mark the spot!

You can follow the Long Walk and find the special gifts while the sims remain open until June 29th.

And here are some of the gifts you can find …

A petite signal box from Sweetbay Designs
A petite signal box from Sweetbay Designs

This is a beautiful creation from Sweetbay Designs, who are NOT exhibiting here – but the generous hunt gift from designer followmeimthe Piedpiper is very much is keeping with its location on The Long Walk …

A beautiful chest and flowers from Chic Aeon
A beautiful chest and flowers from Chic Aeon

Two lovely pieces here that you can find as you explore …

The Explorer's Study - created by kaerri
The Explorer’s Study – created by kaerri – and yes, you REALLY get all of this!

This really awesome hunt gift from kaerri (designer Kaerri Rae) includes all the elements an explorer needs for his or her study, including a bookcase, a trophy cabinet, a desk with computer for writing up exploits, a telescope, maps and a globe lamp to start planning the next expedition – and a slide projector (with projected slides) so you can tell your friends all about your last expedition!

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