Name that Schmuck! premieres today in Second Life and on You Tube

We’ve received news of a fun new machinima that we think you’ll want to catch!

Name That Schmuck! Poster
Name That Schmuck! Poster

Premiere in Second Life and on YouTube – June 25, 2013
Time: 6:30 PST
Place: Sydney Maus Memorial Theater, Running Lady Studios, Second Life (nb – Link closed till opening)

schmuck \’shmək\ : a stupid or foolish person: jerk
Have YOU ever encountered one? Bet you went to school with or worked for one. Maybe you’ve been served by, taught by, or given the finger by one. Did you date or marry one? Or (GASP) give birth to one?!

And are you, like so many of us, simply amazed by the sheer number of pop culture and political celebrity schmucks out there? Think you can name a few?

Writer/actress Gameela Wright (Avajean Westland in Second Life) of Virtual Girl Productions, and director K. DaVette See (Suzy Yue in Second Life) of Running Lady Studios have put together another pop culture bitch slap in which a few well-known schumcks get put through the wringer in a familiar setting: the daytime game show. If “Jeopardy” and “TMZ” had a baby, you’d get “Name That Schmuck!”

Running Lady Studios (RLS) is K. DaVette See, director, and Rob See, cinematographer/ designer. DaVette and Rob hold Theatre and Scenic Design degrees, respectively. With over 30 years combined experience in theatre, video and film, they formed Running Lady Studios in 2008 and have produced  or co-produced over twenty animated short films.

Gameela Wright is an actress and writer based in NYC. She formed Virtual Girl Productions (VGP) for the purpose of developing a sketch comedy webisodic series in the vein of “The Tracy Ullman Show” filmed exclusively in Second Life. VGP teamed with RLS to produce short animated films featuring Ms. Wright as writer and star, and Ms. See as director.

In “Name That Schmuck!” Gameela once again provides voice and puppetry to AJ Westland, appearing this time as game show host. The hilarious Doug Jacques provides voice and puppetry to the quintessential game show announcer, Olaf Barbosa. Corwyn Allen shows off his vocal versatility by providing celebrity impersonations of not one, not two, but three celebrity contestants. Those more-than-ready-for-prime-time players, Suzy’s Super Cast & Crew, round out the rest of the cast. DP Rob See (GnuEon Aeon in SL) and set designer Linkin Slate nail the production design of a classic game show studio that will make you want to “come on down!”

Stick around after the premier to compete in a live version of the game show for prizes!

Name that Schmuck! at SL10b Community Celebration
Name that Schmuck! at SL10b Community Celebration

If you want to get a taste of how to play the game, visit RLS and VGP’s parcel at the Second life 10th Birthday Celebration. There is a playable version of the game on the parcel. Make sure to sign the guestbook!

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