There are some amazing art installations at One Billion Rising!

One Billion Rising Artists Flyer
One Billion Rising Artists Flyer

One Billion Rising is an event designed to celebrate, to challenge and to inform – and the amazing art installations we have this year will do all of that!

The creation of art is based upon some spark of inspiration. We have gathered together some of Second Life’s amazing artists and asked them to create with the inspiration of Justice, Rise, Dance, Release. All these words relate to the idea that together we can help stop violence against women. The works you will see range from 2D to 3D. Some depict ways women are being abused and others depict the celebration of rising above it all. See how they will inspire you.

You will find these installations on all four sims. There are individual installations, a sculpture garden and a picture gallery. Join us – and explore. The sims will open at 11pm SLT on Thursday 13th February, and will stay open for an extra twenty-four hours (until midnight on Saturday 15th February) to allow you to continue to explore.


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