Watch out for the Information Kiosks at One Billion Rising!

Don't miss the information kiosks at One Billion Rising!
Don’t miss the information kiosks at One Billion Rising!

When you arrive at One Billion Rising, you will see Information Kiosks on each region.

These contain information about One Billion Rising worldwide, and about organisations that are working to end violence against and abuse of women.

You will also find information about how to deal with abusive situations that affect either you, or people you know – including how to deal with cyber stalking.

And we are very proud to have copies of the Newbie Woman’s SL Survival Kit, first written in 2009 and specially updated in time for this event.

So make sure you collect information from the kiosk at One Billion Rising!

And you might notice that the people in this picture are wearing the OBR jacket and teeshirt for women, and one of the three styles of male tee-shirts, We’ll be telling you how to get the teeshirt – and the OBR bear – shortly!

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