Prim Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle: Petite Village and Fantasy Faire

Petite Village
Petite Village

Last year, at the amazing auction that concluded Fantasy Faire, I bought a really gorgeous petite village, created by Nya Alchemi, the owner of Fuubutsu-Dou & Kirei Shops. They are exquisite – and include cottages, a working windmill, a town hall and a wishing well.  Having gained a little more space on my home island, I have set them out on the shores of a small lake – and they look beautiful.

I have always liked the idea of small buildings that can be used as follies or visual tricks. On my old homestead of Oliveto, I have a miniature Tuscan village with a church, a fountain and tiny cypresses, deliberately placed on the skyline so people looking up would think it a full sized village.  I had it out on Cor Unum too although, without the perspective trick, it was never quite the same.

For the last year I’ve been pulling out individual buildings from this set and planning that one day, no matter what the prim cost, they would find a home. And now they have – and you can do a jigsaw!

And for those of you looking forward to Fantasy Faire … there seem to be some exciting plans in the works so … stay tuned!

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Petite Village


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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