Fantasy Faire 2014 – The confluence approaches.


High up in the forward lookout pod, the on-duty ‘glasser strained his eyes against the glare of the incessant sun. Peering straight ahead, the young man squinted at the shapes forming on the horizon. Lifting his head for a moment, he blinked, rubbing his eyes, before placing an eye to the spyglass once more and to look again at the dark mass. “By the gears!” He cried, beckoning urgently to the older man, “quick Fred, I need yer to four eyes that storm, I don’t think it’s normal”. Frederick Lee, the most experienced lookout in the fleet, looked out across the cloudscape, hardly needing the glass now, as great purple clouds swirled ever larger, looming ever closer.

“Aye lad, that’s them all right. That’s the confluence storm, we’ve found it.” Turning to the brass speaking tube to his right, Lee sounded a klaxon to attract attention on the bridge far below them. The klaxon call was acknowledged with an anxious voice.

“What did you see?”

“Fairelands, Right ahead!”



Asperatus – An airborne community living high above the clouds which hide their broken homeland far below, is just one of the treats in store for visitors to this year’s Fantasy Faire. The Faire which opens to the public tomorrow (1st May) and will run until the 11th promises to be every bit as fun, exciting and full of tinies, as previous years.

Always my favourite RFL event, perhaps my favourite event of any kind, the faire is a wonderful mixture of fantasy styles and themes. 2014 is different for this seasoned Faire reporter, having journalled, filmed  and photographed previous conjunctions of Fairelands, this year I have had the honour of bringing you a Faireland from within my own head, Asperatus.

Come visit the faire and enjoy all the creations we have for you. Anything you could wish to buy in a fantasy related theme is available some where and there are many new treats to be found this year too.



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