Don’t Panic about your SL11B Community Celebration Application!

SL11B Community Celebration
SL11B Community Celebration

The applications to exhibit, perform or present at SL11B Community Celebration have now closed – but don’t panic if you haven’t heard anything yet!

They have a lot of applications to sort – and it will take a while to go through them all carefully and to notify those who have been successful (and, sadly, there will be some who will be disappointed).

As KT Syakumi posted on the website:

 We had 426 exhibitor applications, 440 Performer applications and over 300 volunteers! Now begins the task of sorting through all your applications and figuring out how to fit you all into 243 plots and 3 stages.. Our first priority is exhibitors, as the sims open for you lot on the 30th of May – not as far away as you’d think! Acceptances for you will start coming in the next few days and will continue over the next week. Please be patient as we have a lot to work through! We’ll post the dates that performers can expect to hear from us in a while, but that will be closer to our opening date of June 22 – we won’t forget you, promise!

There are more details on the website – so do go and take a look at the full post.


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