Final Lantern Releases at the Home and Garden Expo – 11am and 4pm SLT today!

lanterns by Hannah Daviau
lanterns by Hannah Daviau

Throughout the Home and Garden Expo, there has been a daily release of lanterns from the roof of the theatre at Hope 5 at 4pm SLT.

Today there will be two special lantern releases – the first at 11am SLT, and the second at the usual time of 4pm SLT – the last lantern releases of the Expo.

This ceremony goes back to 2012, when Alchemy Immortalis created the Blue Willow lanterns especially for the Home and Garden Expo. It became the custom to release them each day at 4pm, and people would gather to watch and reflect as the lanterns rose slowly into the air.

Sometimes people speak, but often the event takes place in comparative silence – a break from the busyness (and the business) of the Expo – a time to reflect, remember and mourn.

We invite you to for this final day – and lantern releases – at 11am SLT and 4pm SLT for this ceremony.

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