Going to the Max

Going to the Max – for Maxwell Graf and Lyyric Fei

A few days ago, I wrote about the problems that two old friends of mine – Max Graf and Lyyric Fei  of the well-loved store Rustica – are facing in real life.

Since then, a group of very talented Second Life creators have come together to create an event called Going to the Max, in support of Max and Lyyric.  The event is organised by Charlotte Bartlett, Sophia Harlow and Blazin Aubret, and will be taking place on a region sponsored by Callie Cline.

The list of creators involved in mouthwatering (as you can see from the list above) … and more details will be coming out over the next few days.  We’ll keep you informed!


In the meantime, you can visit Max’s store Rustica inworld at: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rustica/130/116/58 and shop at Rustica on the Marketplace at: marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/7300

But make sure you keep some Lindens back for what is going to be a stunning event!


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