The raffle for Max with prizes

The Raffle ForMax is now open on Apple Fall!

The Raffle at the ForMax event is now open at the event showground on Apple Fall (you can read more about the event here).

This is a rather unusual raffle, as you don’t buy tickets for any specific items (as happened at the recent Spoonful of Sugar Festival, for example).

At the ForMax event, your raffle ticket will have a chance of winning any one of the fabulous prizes!

The raffle for Max
The raffle for Max

Ten creators are offering three prizes each – first, second and third … and there’s also a very special KittyCats! prize of a rare – and huge – tiger kittycat – rather larger than a full size tiger. You can see him in the picture at the top of the page!

So for a $100 Linden raffle ticket, you could win any one of 31 prizes. And, of course, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning a really fantastic prize!


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