Some of the exhibits at Health Info Island

A great range of materials to explore at Health Info Island!

There is always a great range of information at Health Info Island, and more is added in the form of exhibitions each month.

This month they have new information about:
Down Syndrome
Infection Prevention
Breast Cancer
and more.

Each of the links below will lead you to posters. Click the intro poster for a notecard of full text, and click individual posters for many live links.

Healthinfo Island Exhibits and Displays for October 2017
Central Pavilion of Healthinfo Island

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

October is AIDS Awareness Month.

October 15-21 is International Infection Prevention Week.

Remaining from September, because September was Menopause Awareness Month.

Bladder Health (also remaining from September)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What do you call people with disabilities?

Things to Know About Your Bones

Path of Support
Path of Support

In addition, make sure to visit the Path of Support. This links to over 100 different support groups, many with active groups in Second Life, covering support for a wide range of illnesses and condtions.


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