Information about the Fifteenth Birthday Celebrations for Second Life – so much to see and do!

As I hope you all know, you know, Second Life is celebrating its 15th birthday this week and there are several major events already underway by both Linden Lab and the community.

First, the annual SL15B Community Celebration has dozens of limited-time exhibits that will be accessible until 30th June. If you want help getting around, Linden Lab has created a Destination Guide directory to the many events and exhibits at The official SL15B site has a full schedule at

But if you really want to see the Celebration, I’d recommend catching a podcar and taking a tour (it’s much less laggy than walking). The central podcar station is at: Designed by Yvanna LLanfair, these podcars will take a variety of forms as you travel around the regions. And when you see something particularly interesting, you can either take a note for later visiting, or hop off and explore of foot (and catch the podcar later).

Throughout the week, PrimPerfect is running a series of Meet the Linden Talks. You can see the full listing here: Today, Wednesday 20th, Ebbe Linden will be speaking at the SS Crystal Auditorium: As part of his appearance, he plans to share a new announcement that will be of interest to many in the community. More details to come then ….

Ebbe Linden, 2pm SLT, Wednesday 20th June, 2018

Earlier talks were streamed live, as today’s will be. To watch the stream, go here:

And for recordings of previous interviews:
Monday – Xiola Linden:
Tuesday – Patch and Keoira Linden:

Inara Pey is recording the talks, and will be posting transcripts in the near future on her blog, Living in a Modem World:

Also worth visiting is the Tapestry of Time exhibit – a chance to look back and explore the past fifteen years of Second Life (or, for the last ten years, you can revisit last season’s Designing Worlds shows!). You’ll find the Tapestry of Time here:

And make sure that you don’t miss the SL15B MusicFest, where you’ll be able to experience live music and interact directly with some of Second Life’s top musicians at Music Fest, held June 22-24: – and see schedule details:

In addition, Linden Lab is sponsoring several community events including a new Shopping & Gift Event with over 70 merchants (

Linden Lab are also debuting the new Swaginator HUD, which Residents can pick up at SL15B for free. This HUD can be used to participate in a new 15-week promotion that awards a free exclusive item each week. A new clue will be published on our blog each Monday that will be used to help find a unique virtual gift that is hidden somewhere on the grid, while the Swaginator HUD includes a progress bar that shows how many gifts have been collected. A mystery super gift will only be available to those who collect each of the 14 gifts during the previous weeks. Full details can be found at:

And there’s also a new SL 15th Anniversary video that we just published – featuring both Ebbe and Linden Lab’s original founder Philip Rosedale! Here’s the link:


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