Discussing Bakes on Mesh with Vir and Strawberry

Bakes on Mesh – what it is and what it does – A Designing Worlds show now on the web!

In this show from Designing Worlds, we discuss the newly-available Second Life technology Bakes on Mesh also known as BOM) – what it is and how it can be used.

DW408 – Bakes On Mesh from Richard Elen on Vimeo.

We’re joined by Vir Linden, Second Life Viewer Manager, and Strawberry Linden, Marketing Content Specialist, to give us the background, and by creators Siddean Munro, the owner of Slink, home of mesh bodies, hands, feet and heads – as well as other things; and Ampersand Artful of Adored, creator of makeup and tattoos – and other avatar elements.

Discussing Bakes on Mesh with Strawberry
Discussing Bakes on Mesh with Strawberry

Bakes On Mesh allows you to use those old system clothes you’ve had in your inventory with your BOM-compatible mesh body and head – but that’s just the beginning. Bakes On Mesh also means that we’ll be seeing less of Applier HUDs and their complexities, and the graphics-heavy onion skinning of mesh outfits and make-up, and much more.

Discussing Bakes on Mesh with Siddean Munro
Discussing Bakes on Mesh with Siddean Munro

You can see more about Bakes on Mesh in the full version of Strawberry Linden’s video (we show a clip on the show), and there are two tutorials from Ampersand Artful that Strawberry recommends the first being an Introduction to Bakes on Mesh, and the second a Tutorial on How to Use It– something that Ampersand and Siddean also demonstrate on the show.

As this show premiered on November 4th, the day before Firework Night, in the UK, we round off with a special fireworks display at the Designing Worlds studio.

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