Horizon Dream Woods

Another chance to tour the Looking Glass – and enjoy a fabulous music set from ColeMarie Soleil

The Company of Faire Folk will be riding out again today to explore the Looking Glass in the first of our special off-season LitFest Tours – at the slightly more Euro-friendly time of 2pm SLT.

And there is an extra event ahead of this at 12noon SLT as ColeMarie Soleil plays a very special music set in the Looking Glass Woods, in the beautiful Faerie Circle. ColeMarie will be playing an artistic set filled daydreaming music, filled with whimsy.

The Looking Glass
The Looking Glass

The Company of Faire Folk will assemble in the Woods afterwards, and then explore the Looking Glass region, home of the Worldmakers, Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen, creators of such fabulous Fairelands as Dark Mirage, Lotus Valley Dream, Ichi-go Ichi-e, Lucentia, Dawn’s Promise, The Spirit Tree … and many more!

The Looking Glass
The Looking Glass

You can see images of all of them here, on our earlier post about the Company riding out, and learn about Marcus and Sharni’s wonderful creations at Fantasy Faire.

The Looking Glass
The Looking Glass

And then join us, in the Faerie Circle, to enjoy ColeMarie’s welcoming set at 12 noon SLT, and at 2pm SLT when the Company rides out!

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