The Company of Faire Folk Rides Out today – for a last chance to see Annon!

Photos from Fantasy Faire by Wildstar Beaumont; photos of Annon by Saffia Widdershins

At 5pm SLT today, Friday 15th November, the Company of Faire Folk are invited to meet at Little Trollhaugen as a launching pad.

From there we will ride out (or walk) and explore Annon, part of the Fallen Gods estate created by Alia Baroque. This will be a very special tour as Annon will be fading away into the mists after this weekend


The Faire Folk will ride out again at the more Euro-friendly time of 2pm on Sunday 17th November

There are some beautiful locations to explore here, including the Monastery and the Tower – and the opportunity to take a boat trip from one to the other!

Some of the features are reminiscent of the stunning lands that Alia has created for Fantasy Faire (and other events) over the years, and people with long memories may recall the Tower’s appearance at the Relay for Life weekend back in 2010!

Fallen Gods at Fantasy Faire

Enchanted Mysts
2011 – Enchanted Mysts

Alia Baroque has been part of the Faire from the beginning, as a merchant, sponsor store and so on, but Enchanted Mysts was the first Region he built, in 2011.

The Tides
2012 – The Tides

After that, starting with The Tides in 2012, Alia became noted for his beautiful and monumental builds.

2013 – Magnificat

Each land he creates has a story to tell, and this builds to an event that has now become one of the most eagerly anticipated of every Faire – Alia’s Jail and Bail.

2014 – Sanctum

The custom of prominent Fairelanders being jailed by the Faireland pawlice, and then bailed by citizens, has become a tradition of the Faire, ranging from the anarchistic mayhem of the jailed tinies led by Dru and Clover, to the lucrative (for residents) jailing of the Lindens who offer fabulous rewards for their freedom each year.

The Golden Delta
2016 – The Golden Delta

But Alia’s Jail and Bails are special, because they are not just spectacular, they are not just the culmination of stories – they can also have a profound impact on the region itself, depending on the outcome of the story … for example the way that the Rose became awash with Roses in 2017; and the way that some of Aetherea’s pavilions changed from pale marble to black obsidian in 2018, in both cases enriched with gold.

The Rose
2017 – The Rose
2018 – Aetherea
2019 – Midas

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