Designing Worlds Special - Murder in the Muirsheen Durkin

Designing Worlds has a seasonal treat: Murder in the Muirsheen Durkin – in the studio and on the web!

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 30th December, for a special episode of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams in Second Life, as we become involved in solving a Murder in the Muirsheen Durkin – a special episode set in New Babbage!

Or you can watch the show in the comfort of your own home at (in colour) or (in spooky black and white). It’s also available on SLArtist at:

The Muisheen Durkin is, of course, the restuarant/bar in Brunel Hall, the large hotel thatis part of the business empire of Mr Victor Mornington, the Assistant Maceholder of New Babbage. So when his temporary Christmas barman, Mr Biggins, discovers a murder victim … then they are duty bound to hand over the prime suspect to Miss Bookworm Heinrichs, the head of the Militia.

Investigating the Murder
Investigating the Murder

But has Mr Mornington’s pet rabbit Thumper turned vorpal? Or is there another explanation? Can Miss Widdershins and Mr Merlin help to solve the mystery, or will they just complicate things further? Fortunately, there’s a formidable forensics expert they can turn to … an expert in her own field.

So do come and join us for our seasonal special at 2pm SLT.

This is a repeat of the show first shown on January 1st, 2018.

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