It’s time … to ride the lanterns – and Party at the Home and Garden Expo!

Well, it will be time at 4pm SLT today, Sunday 22nd March. Throughout the weeks of the Home and Garden Expo, we have had calm, peaceful times at 4pm each day when the lanterns are released. It provided a space for meditation and reflection. We thought of those who have gone before us in the fight against cancer, and also those who are fighting cancer, or supporting others through it.
Today, as the Expo comes to an end, we will celebrate this event with one last explosion of joy and thanksgiving for all those we love and have loved, all those who have stood together with us on the fight.
Tonight, with special music supplied by DaveOSaurus, we will watch those lanterns rise … and some us will RIDE them into the night sky. And then we will come down into the gardens at the Designing Worlds cafe and dance until 6pm!
Designong Worlds Cafe
We’ll also be announcing the result of the Home and Garden Expo Decoration Story competition – so don’t miss it!

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