The Winners of the Home and Garden Decorating Contest – and a Little Addition

All images by Wildstar Beaumont

The Home and Decorating raised 159,288 Lindens – that’s US$615.93 in total!

You can see a list of the prizes they won here.

The winners of the contest were:

Decorating Contest - House 8
Decorating Contest – House 8

1st Place: Jarrod Beck for House 8: Lil Victorian by Painted Pixels

Decorating Contest - House 4
Decorating Contest – House 4

2nd Place: Ororeia Resident & Kyra Nachtigal for House 4: The Skwer by Cain Maven

Decorating Contest - House 5
Decorating Contest – House 5

3rd Place: House 5: Aja Direwytch for Barn House by RVi Design

In addition …

We invited the competitors to submit stories to go with their homes, if they wanted to, and several did. You can read these stories by clicking on the signs by the gates of each house. We were so impressed by the stories that we decided to run a second competition for the best three stories.

Lantern Release
Lantern Release

These will be judged and the results announced at the Final Lantern Ceremony at 4pmSLT on the roof of the theatre on Hope 3 – when we all ride the Lanterns (more details about that to come).

And that will be followed by a party in the gardens of the Designing Worlds cafe at the Expo (designed by undercoverlady), dj’d by DaveOSaurus.

If you would like to donate a prize/s for the story competition, there is a form here:

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