The Telethon Studio from Treet at RFL 2009

Designing Worlds looks back to … Relay for Life in Second Life … in 2009!

This last weekend saw the fantastic Relay for Life of Second Life weekend, the culmination of a wildly successful RFL season. We will be looking at that in more detail on the show in a few weeks … but this week, Monday 8th June at 2pm SLT, we are taking a look back to the builds of the Relay for Life weekend all the way back in 2009!

Unavailable on the web for a number of years, it recently found a home on our new Archive channel (which is full of goodies!).

#051 The Builds of Relay for Life: 21 July 2009 from Saffia Widdershins on Vimeo.

You can watch it on this blog, and you can also see the show on the Designing Worlds Archive Vimeo channel at: And you can join the special Watch Party (at 2pm SLT) in our studio on Garden of Dreams.

The New Babbage Exposition at RFL 2009
The New Babbage Exposition at RFL 2009

And it was a classic year for great builds: from the New Babbage team we saw the exploration of Mars, and an imagining of an Exposition Universalle, based upon that of 1889 in Paris when the Eiffel Tower was first revealed; we visited the Elf Circle, the Wonders of the World region, and we finished at Anatomica, the most amazing region, which combined information and a great interactive learning experience about the physiology of cells and cancer – with a fast and furious game where you got to dress in a red suit for surfing the bloodstream and blast cancer cells yourself!

Anatomica at RFL 2009
Anatomica at RFL 2009

It is a fascinating show – so do come and join us at 2pm at our studio on Garden of Dreams.

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