Patch Linden in conversation

Meet the Lindens at SL17B – Patch Linden talks with Saffia Widdershins

In the second of the Meet the  Lindens events, Saffia will be speaking live at 2pm to Patch Linden, VP of Product Operations at Linden Lab, as part of the SL17B Birthday Celebrations.

You can join the live audience at the Auditorium at the Celebration. The Auditorium is open in three areas – but do get there early – yesterday it filled up fast!

Or you will be able to see the event livestreamed at:

The Auditorium
The Auditorium

A Resident since 2004, Patch was born into Second Life as a Linden in September of 2007.   As the VP of Product Operations, Patch works to bring the best of product and support based decisions on a daily operational basis to the virtual world platform for Second Life, while maintaining oversight on how all of the various teams within Linden Lab can best work together for the highest good of the Residents and the business.

Saffia will be talking to him about a range of topics, including the impact of Covid-19 on Second Life, issues of diversity and equality, and above all, the new Linden Homes and Bellisseria.

And there will be further Meet the Lindens events all week!

  • Tuesday 23rd at 2pm SLT: Patch Linden – VP of Product Operations at Linden Lab
  • Wednesday 24th at 2pm SLT: Oz Linden – Head of Engineering at Linden Lab
  • Thursday 25th at 2pm SLT: Marketing Team (Brett, Darcy, Strawberry, Maveric, and Tara Linden) at Linden Lab
  • Friday 26th at 2pm SLT: Meet the Moles (Linden Department of Public Works)

Don’t miss a new special chance to learn more about the Lindens, with a new series in the Second Life Community Forums, created by Strawberry Linden:


Have you visited the Designing Worlds site at SL17B?

Designing Worlds at SL17B!
Designing Worlds at SL17B!

You can read all about it here (and find out how to collect our special collectible postcards!)

One of the collectible Designing Worlds postcards at SL17B
One of the collectible Designing Worlds postcards at SL17B
A sample postcard message
A sample postcard message

Visit Designing Worlds at SL17b here:

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