Upcoming Talks at the Home and Garden Expo: Today with Patch Linden!

We had a fascinating range of talks in the first week of the Home and Garden Expo, and we’re now into week 2 with some great interviews lined up.

Today, Wednesday 10th at 2pm SLT, Patch Linden, Vice President of Product Operations at Linden Lab, will be talking to Saffia Widdershins in the theatre on Hope 3 about Linden Homes, Bellisseria and much more!

This talk will be livestreamed by Strawberry Linden at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWQ3MgOMBpA

And on Friday 12th at 2pm, some of the Moles from the Linden Department for Public Works will be joining Saffia at 2pm SLT to talk about their work for Linden Lab with events, games and, of course, builds such as the continent of Bellisseria!

This will be livestreamed by Strawberry Linden at: https://youtu.be/Fv_7x0xq-Pg

This will be followed by a group of Bellisserian residents talking about their homes and lives, and the community of Bellisseria at 2pm on Tuesday 16th March at 2pm SLT.

And we have more great talks with designers and event organisers to come! Below are just a selection of the talks – as designers talk to Saffia Widdershins and Cinders Vale.

Finally, on Saturday March 20th, we’ll have a second Show and Tell session, where creators can bring their work and display and discuss it with the audience. These events are always very popular!



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