Vote for your Favourite Decorated Home at the Home and Garden Expo!

The fourteen homes on Hope Street on Hope 3 have now all been decorated – and it’s time for YOU to come and vote for your favorite/s!

The way you vote is simple. There’s no need to bring your driver’s licence or any other form of identification – anyone can vote at any time!

Outside each of the fourteen houses in Hope Street is a kiosk for Relay for Life. You add your vote by paying Lindens into a kiosk – and the more Lindens you add, the more votes the house/s you have chosen will get.

If you like more than one house, it’s not a problem – you can vote for as few or as many of the houses as you want.

And every Linden you drop into a kiosk in Hope Street will go to Relay for Life!

You can read more about the houses and what the decorators tell us about them here.



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