Meet the Lindens at SL18B: Grumpity Linden

Today’s guest at Meet the Lindens is Grumpity Linden. Grumpity heads up Second Life Product, where she has overseen a shift to growth, a stronger, more balanced economy, movement towards better community cohesion, and an overall forward-looking approach. Prior to working for Linden Lab (first joining as a contractor in 2009 and then full-time in 2014), she was involved in a number of industries, including tech, higher ed, and oil & gas.

She enjoys exploring worlds both virtual and physical and takes pride in building bridges – personal and professional. Grumpity holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s from same university in Computer Science & Psychology. She finds leading the Second Life product a joy because it allows her to draw on both areas of study.

We’ll be talking, among other things, about major changes that have happened – such as the Uplift to the Cloud and the EEP project.

So come and join us today at 2pm at the SL18B Auditorium, or follow the conversation on the Livestream, recorded by Strawberry Linden.

And if you miss it, you will be able to see it on that no-longer-livestream-but-still-there on YouTube!

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