Meet the Lindens at SL18B: Brett Linden

Today’s guest at Meet the Lindens at SL18B is Brett Linden.

Brett Linden oversees marketing at Linden Lab. He has over two decades worth of management experience in marketing, content strategy, academia, and journalism. From Rolling Stone to Billboard, Brett has written articles for several major publications and managed ecommerce and content initiatives for both and RealNetworks. In the academic space, he has produced numerous virtual and “mixed reality” events and panels on various topics with an emphasis on legitimizing and better surfacing the many cultures and communities within virtual environments.

Brett spoke on LabGab on Monday about 2021 being the “Year of Experiments” at the Lab, and we will certainly be talking about that – as well as the evolution of the new award winning advertisement that was shown there.

So come and join us today at 1pm at the SL18B Auditorium, or follow the conversation on the Livestream, recorded by Strawberry Linden.

And if you miss it, you will be able to see it on that no-longer-livestream-but-still-there on YouTube!

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