Designing Worlds looks back at … the scifi world of Araxes

Join us today, Monday 12th July 2021 at 2pm SLT in our beautiful studio in Garden of Dreams as we journey back into the past for a show first shown in February 2013, when we as we visit the desert wastes of Araxes – and the space station high above.

You can watch it on this blog, and you can also see the show on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel at: And you can join the special Watch Party at 2pm SLT in our studio on Garden of Dreams.

Araxes was a series of role playing regions linked by a common theme and an interesting story – both of which we’ll ve covering the the show – and we’ll be confronting some of the dangers of the desert too.

Araxes, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

We talk to Reiko Soyinka, one of the estate managers of the region, and to Darren Green, who is the owner of one of the regions that make up Araxes, Splintered Rock, and the deviser of a rather interesting new media project.

You’ll have a chance to see Saffia in a whole new way … and – sadly – we also interfered with the Prim Directive, when we introduced the Araxeans to a whole new form of transport (designed by Darlingmonster Ember) .,..

It makes for a fun and fascinating show – so do come and join us at 2pm, or catch it on the web!


Araxes, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Sadly, the Araxes estate no longer appears to exist. I found a spacer bar on Gentilly that seemed to be related, but that was all:

Anyone who has information about continuing Araxes roleplay, please contact me or add information in the comments below!

Flying a craft designed by Darlingmonster Ember on Araxes

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