Designing Worlds looks back to … the East River Community

Today is one of our Archive shows – and chosen for the saddest of reasons.

We’re looking back to October 2014, and a show we did on the East River Community. Then it was a thriving 19 region community. Now, sadly, parts are closed and most of the rest is abandoned. You can read more on Daniel Voyager’s blog:

Join us today, Monday 28th February 2022 at 2pm SLT in our beautiful studio in Garden of Dreams, or watch the show on the web, either here on the blog or on Vimeo at

The East River Community was one of the oldest and largest of the mainland communities. Located on the Sansara Continent, just to the North of the Sea of Fables, and it was a remarkable place – and a remarkable achievement too.

Because what made this community so fascinating is that it was not – like many close communities – part of an island estate, privately owned and managed with a Covenant to make sure that there was consistency. No, this was a mainland community, created by residents coming together and protecting a tract of land that eventually extended to nineteen regions, all brought together as the East River Community.

East River Community, photographed by Honour McMillan

With the assistance of a longtime resident, Drewski Northman, we explored some of the residential and commercial areas, the art that formed an important part of the community, and some of the amazing transportation systems that linked the community,

This is a fascinating show about an aspect of Second Life that many people remain unaware of – the rich potential of mainland living – a role perhaps in part taken over by Bellisseria, which has a strong community and creative input, but perhaps not the diversity of the East River Community – maybe a topic for a future Designing Worlds show!

East River Community, photographed by Honour McMillan

Anyway, do come and join us in our Studio for a trip down memory lane – or catch it on the web!


Voting is now open in the Home and Garden Expo Decorating Contest, which Designing Worlds is sponsoring.

You can see the houses here:

Come along and vote for the house – or houses – that you love! Just pay Lindens into the RFL kiosks outside each house – every Linden counts as a vote!

East River Community, photographed by Honour McMillan

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