Designing Worlds visits the Grove Country Club Estates – now on the web!

In this episode, Designing Worlds paid a visit to the beautiful Grove Country Club Estates.

The estate, owned by Crito Galtier, not only has some of the most beautiful homes and landscapes, but also offers a wide range of events and entertainments for residents and their friends.

We talk to Crito and Ginger Bloom Galtier, the Chief Marketing Officer, as well as two of the residents of the Estates, and learn all about living at the Grove Country Club Estates, but also about their spectacular event for Relay for Life of Second Life – Wish Upon a Star – which raised a phenomenal amount!

The Grove Country Club Estates, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

It all makes for a stunning show – so do join us for the beautiful landscapes – and the Fireworks – at 2pm SLT!


You can find out more about the Grove Country Club Estates here:
or follow the Facebook account here:

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