Designing Worlds looks back to … the Reaction Grid in 2010

At a time when there are many ongoing discussions about the Metaverse (in a broad sense – for example, see this recent essay by Philip Rosedale:, it can be interesting and instructive to look back to previous experiments. such as the Reaction Grid.

So join Designing Worlds on Monday 11th July to see a film we made on the Reaction Grid in 2010. You can see the show here on this blog, or on the Designing Worlds Archive Vimeo channel at: Or you can join us at 2pm for our Watch Party in the beautiful Designing Worlds studios in the Garden of Dreams!

The show, filmed by Treet TV (in the days before we became an independent production company!), features clips and segments from our exploration of the Reaction Grid and discusses them with Kyle Gomboy, the creator of Reaction Grid, and Chris Hart, the Chief Technical Officer.

The Reaction Grid has been created primarily for Education, and education and experiments by educators provide some of our excerpts. Hayley Dunning is working with students aged between 7 and 14 to build an island that shows something of the history of Michigan – and shows us something of what they have created – including a functioning water wheel!

Reaction Grid: MyMichigan

We also explore the fantastical mathematical builds of Wizard Gynoid who are been creating some models that are not only Not Possible in Real Life – they’re Not Possible in Second Life either!

Being able to see and move through these models certainly gives a whole new perspective on the possibilities of immersions.

Reaction Grid: The New York World’s Fair

We also talk to educator Viv Tragfalgar about why she is developing a sim in the Rection Grid, and then visit one of the most stunning builds on the Reaction Grid – a work in progress, which is a re-creation of the 1939 New York World’s Fair – and we meet Paul Van Dort, who is working to create an amazing immersive experience here!

Reaction Grid: Wizzy

Sadly, the Reaction Grid no longer exists, although many of those involved with it continue to use technology to develop their teaching and their work.

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