I think I’m turning Japanese

japanese_restaurant Well, if I’m not turning Japanese, this enchanting restaurant might actually give me the incentive to do so – with its beautiful starry sky looking down on the delicate paper-walled and wooden pavilions, places of great and intricate beauty. Or one can take a stroll in the garden and admire the peace and tranquillity to be found there as one crosses the bridge.

So where is this glorious hideaway?  Some enterprising island?  Some new Asian sim?

Well, actually, no.  This restaurant is actually one of several different themed resturants located on the Galaxy, the three sim cuise liner that will be our Sim of the Month in the June magazine.  You just walk up to the main entrance to the restuarant, allow the doors to swish open – and then take your first tentative steps into a small but perfectly formed world within the world.

With sushi, too.

There’ll be more in the new edition of our magazine on the Galaxy.  Make sure you know where you can get your copy!

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