Why has the blog been so quiet?

svarga Well, the reason is, very simply, that we’ve hard at work on Issue 2 of the magazine. We were hoping to bring it out this weekend, but there were a few hic-cups along the route. We now have all the material, all the photos (and you’re going to love those!) and all should be in train for the magazine to come out later this week.

In the mean-time, enjoy the view of sunset over Svarga, the subject of one of the article in this coming month’s edition.

One thing you might be wondering at is the shape of this photo. My decision to go for the format was inspired by the way that Svarga, as a visual experience, reminds me of the painting of Richard Dadd, with his representation not only of strange people (his fairy folk) but also of strange and wonderful plant life. I’m thinking, perhaps, of The Fairy Fellow’s Master Stroke, but even more of the Contradiction between Oberon and Titania. Perhaps it’s not too strongly apparent in the illustration to this article – but wait until you see the full piece in the magazine!

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