Issue 2 of Prim Perfect is now out

prim_perfect_issue_2 The second issue of Prim Perfect is out now!

Yes, another month has come and gone, and we have a new issue of Prim Perfect for you, packed with news and ideas!

This month, as regular readers of this blog will know, we have a spectacular sim to explore – in fact, three sims for the price of one, for we are exploring the Galaxy, a fabulous cruise liner, created by Bill Stirling, three sims long and a complete world within the world of Second Life, with (among many other attractions) a shopping mall, a ballroom, a casino, swimming pools, an ice skating rink, a Japanese restaurant, a Conference centre, a cinema, a jogging track, an amazing ship’s bridge and … oh yes, wonderful luxury apartments.

Star Competiton
This month, one of our lucky readers will have the opportunity to become a part of the adventure of the Galaxy and win a luxuriously furnished cabin (designed by Sofia Standish) for a whole month. All you will have to do is enter the competition, answer three simple questions and complete our easy tie-breaker. Now, that can’t be hard, can it?

Treasure Hunt
But, if you’d prefer a competition that sets you wandering the length and breadth of Second Life, why not have a go at out Treasure Hunt? This month some of our favourite designers of homes and gardens have sent us pictures of items for sale in their stores. To win a prize, all you have to do is visit the stores, find the item and work out the prim count. Then, when you’ve found as many as you can, send the results to, together with your answer to the tie-breaker, to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes!

This month we’re be talking to Bill Stirling, creator of the Galaxy and of many other wonderful building and places besides – including the Polis Observatory and the Sagittara Estates. And we also have an interview with the designer of the luxury apartment on the Galaxy, Sofia Standish of Sofia’s Furniture.

News of the Month & News from Ubuntu
In our news section, you can can learn about the winners of last month’s competitions, hear the latest news on how designers are working with sculpties, catch the news of designers opening new stores or taking on new lines. And News from Ubuntu will tell you all about last month’s charity auction, and what we are planning to do to raise further funds for our charitable projects in the next month.

Readers’ Home of the Month
Is your dream home some fabulous island hideaway? This month we’ve found one of the very best to explore!

Landscape of the Month
This month, we’ve explored the beauties of the virtual environment of Svarga – a world that grows and changes before your eyes – and allows you to interact with its beauties!

Regular features
All this plus your letters, your problems answered, tips and tricks for you to use … Amd so much more in your packed edition of Prim Perfect!

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