Venice flooded?

venice_flooded Looking at the photo here, you might be forgiven for thinking that some natural (or technological) disaster had overtaken the fair city of Venice.

But actually, not a bit of it. This was actually something that happened with the active support and co-operation of the citizens of Venice Island.

Most Saturdays, Venice Island hosts a themed party in the central square. There’s been a Mexican party, an Egyptian party, a Reggae party … and last Saturday was Under the Sea. So, having alreadt bought my special costume, perhaps I should not have been entirely surprised when I teleported in to find the light in my office strangely gloomy. Not to say … murky. And … erm … wet.

It was then that I realised that Venice had been deliberately flooded so that its denizens could really dance Under the Sea. So I hurried to the dance myself, and had a great time. There were deep sea divers, mermaids – and one of the Venice owners had come as an octopus. In short – it made for a great setting for the party – and when it was all over, there was no need for sandbags and mopping up, for the water vanished just as suddenly as it arrived!

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