Happy Birthday, Prim Perfect!

Party on Eostara
Party on Eostara

The fabulous M0lly Dench has composed a poem to celebrate our Second Birthday.  Photos come from the Second Birthday Party of Eostara, where a thoroughly good time was had by all! Photos from M0lly, Wren Carling, and PJ Trenton.

At the Party on Eostara
At the Party on Eostara: Vera Carling, Gwen Carillon, M0lly Dench, Saffia Widdershins

Oh magazines they come and go
and scandal sheets abound;
Blogs are rampant everywhere
and con-artists are found.

It seems that few could put to print
words great and to the point,
but just when we had given up
Ms W hit the joint.

“Prim Perfect is the name for me,”
said Saffia as she planned;
“Country Life and H&G
Will get their ‘covers’ tanned.

Saffia and Vera Carling
Saffia and Vera Carling

For Second Life is where it’s at
and fashion it is trite,
and quality is what we need
and homewares – it’s so right!

I’ll start a little mag and plan
to take on the universe;
I want to show the world that here
we build the metaverse!

The dazzling skill with which we build
as prims they squeak and groan
Tweaked and twisted they become
To make our wondrous homes,

And while I’m at it, I just might
Do TV shows as well,
and Steampunk – gosh they may just like
a magazine so swell!

Perry Applemoor
Perry Applemoor

I’ll shed my clothes for CCA
and sponsor exhibitions,
I’ll renovate and get noob builders
to lose their inhibitions;

I’ll mentor, praise and I’ll advise,
I’ll give a helping hand;
I’ll dance and laugh and have such fun
To solidify my brand!”

Said Saffia, and so it was
that here we are today;
Prim Perfect now turns two and yet
There’s more to come, we pray.

Aisling Sinclair (and Angelica Seaton in the background)
Aisling Sinclair (and Angelica Seaton in the background)

And those of us who have stood by
and watched her make it work
Astounded by her energy
and vision – even Plurk!

Who at the anniversary
Year two and going strong,
We have to say, dear Saffia
you cannot get it wrong.

When vision, work and loyalty
combine with perfect taste,
and honesty, as well as fun
Is not seen as a waste,

And everything that you have dreamed
has come to you in spades
Prim Perfect is so aptly named
It really makes the grade.

Wren Carling, PJ Trenton and Lala Pennell
Wren Carling, PJ Trenton and Lala Pennell

We stand in awe at what you’ve wrought
your vision broad and deep,
But Saffia dear, we need to know …
When is it that you sleep?

Congratulations Prim Perfect on Two Fabulous Years.
M0lly Dench

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