Can you film for Relay for Life in Second Life? Volunteers needed!

Relay for Life of Second Life 2012
Relay for Life of Second Life 2012

Calling all camera people and machinima makers – join us – and become part of the Relay for Life Telethon for 2012!

Last year, Treet TV, MBC and MBTV came together to produce the 24 hour Telethon for Relay for Life in Second Life – an event that took rather longer than 24 hours to shoot and plan!

Perhaps it’s a measure of the spirit of co-operation between major media outlets in Second Life, or perhaps it’s the spirit of Relay – because this year we’re getting together and doing the whole thing again!

RFL Telethon Studio 2011
RFL Telethon Studio 2011

There will be interviews with the organisers of Relay for Life, and with participants.  There will be a chance to see the major ceremonies, some of the fantastic builds and fun activities that go with Relay for Life weekend. And the teams behind the main TV stations will be involved, working hard in front of and behind the cameras!

But to make all this work, we are looking to involve more film-makers and are asking camera people and machinima makers to join us.

Can you shot footage that can be a part of the telethon? Would you like to join the telethon team?

To join us, click here and fill out the form with your details. We’ll then invite people to a short training session to explain how you can set up your existing system to supply us with broadcast-able footage (in the case of pre-recorded interviews) and how to become part of the live coverage as one of our studio or outside broadcast cameras on the day itself.  It’s an exciting way to become a part of Relay – and we hope you’ll be able to join in!


You can read more about the forthcoming Relay weekend here!

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