Designing Worlds explores the deep waters of the mer – now on the web!

Don’t miss the recent Designing Worlds show exploring the waters of Fanci’s Deep – above … but mostly below the waterline.

Fanci’s Deep is an incredible region of pirates and mermaids – and this time we are exploring the underwater regions of the mer. We talk to Grace Wrigglesworth of the Safe Waters Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting mermaids and mermen in Second Life – and introducing newcomers to their amazing underwater world. Saffia explores an underwater tour of mainland seas and finds some fascinating evidence of a lost civilisation, while Elrik discovers the joys of underwater chariot racing!

Fanci’s Deep and the Safe Waters Foundation_049

We also talk to Nber Medici and MarkTwain White about the background to Fanci’s Deep, and how the underwater world was created in memory of the late Fanci Beebe, formerly owner of the Sailors’ Cove estate, who loved mers so well.

Fanci’s Memorial, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Fanci’s Memorial, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont


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