Another chance to visit Cerridwen’s Cauldron – with the Company of Faire Folk!

Cerridwens Cauldron
Cerridwens Cauldron

At 2pm SLT today, Sunday 15th December, the Company of Faire Folk are invited to meet at Little Trollhaugen as a launching pad.

From there we will ride out (or walk) and explore Cerridwen’s Cauldron, the beautiful region created by Elicio Ember. There will be some wading too as Elicio is very good with creating watery scenes!

Cerridwens Cauldron
Cerridwens Cauldron

You can read more about Elicio, his wonderful creations for Fantasy Faire and his own wonderful region here – there’s even some videos!

This will be the last time the Company rides out before Christmas and the New Year – but we have more Tours planned for then!

Cerridwens Cauldron
Cerridwens Cauldron

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